Anne Golon

The fate of Anne and Serge Golon was not perfect in every moment, yet they have always loved the beauty and believed in the success. The paths of two distinctly different and remarkable people, an attractive French woman and a charming aristocrat, had crossed somewhere in Africa. However in that time, they both had been through a number of different adventures...

Anne Golon has created a fictional character of the Countess Angélique de Peyrac as her tour guide of novel going through the accurately portrayed socio-cultural events of the 17th century. Then, a reader can easily succumb to the impression that just has opened the work coming out of this time. In doing so, Angélique was born in the mind of a young French journalist Simone Changeux (1921) who, shortly after the World War II, went to write her articles into the Congo...

Anne Golon does not fill the conception of a classically elegant, cool, reserved and haughty French lady. She is much closer to the essence of a mischievous cheerful woman, perhaps infinitely filled with vital energy and vigor. Today she lives in a modest apartment in Lausanne, which she had once rented for her children during their studies in the Swiss metropolis. So she is close to the library Riponne for her additional research. Just in Switzerland, she had once wrote most of her books and spent the happiest period.

Real life of Anne Golon is almost equally as interesting as the life of her heroine. Individual elements of the life of the writer, especially a mysterious and magical atmosphere, are pervading through the whole work that takes place only three centuries before.

Anne Golon: The portrait of a French writer
Anne Golon was born December 17, 1921, in the port city Toulon in southern France. Although she was baptized as Simone Changeux, she is worldwide known as Anne Golon - this is her last and most famous pseudonym. The article reveals the fateful story of Anne and Serge Golon.

Interview with Anne Golon at Versailles
The extensive interviews with Anne Golon in 1999. Anne Golon remembers her youth, tells the story of how created Angélique and of the role of her husband in it. Among other things, she explains how much she has in common with her heroine, and why Angélique is so modern for her time.

Prague rediscovers Angélique
On October 18, 2007, Anne Golon visited Prague to unveil here the Czech edition of the first revised part, 'Angelika, markýza andělů' (Angélique, the Marquise of the Angels). On Thursday, she attended the Czech musical 'Angelika' and on Friday, she was available for all the readers who were interested in her autograph.

Interview with Anne Golon in Moscow
On the occasion of edition of the first volume from the series Angélique l'Intégrale in Russia, Anne Golon attended a book fair in Moscow and two book signings at the local bookstores on 4 to 5 September 2008. An abridged translation of the interview with the author.