Angélique Books

Knowing that the original work by Anne Golon has been published by more than 320 publishers in 63 countries and has been translated into almost equally large number of languages over the years, it is almost impossible to compile a complete bibliography.
Even larger there is an emerging series of Angélique l'Intégrale (about 25 volumes) and this edition becomes a major event because there have been made countless unauthorized modifications in old editions of series Angélique (the most significant changes have been made in the last parts). Anne Golon recasts all the Angélique books which have been edited and shortened by their publishers. Since April 2006 there has been initiated worldwide the new, progressive version of the novels Angélique titled the series l'Intégrale.

An overview of the previous editions and of the series Angélique: L'Intégrale and Angélique: Version d'Origine
The chronological overview of all volumes of the original Angélique book series, an overview of the initiated revised editions Angélique: L'Integrale, Angélique: Version d'Origine and list of the other literary works by Anne and Serge Golon and projects related to Angélique.

The work Angélique: The brief annotations of the original edition
Although the novel series Angélique is issued in twenty-five books in this time, there is still common to use the original system of thirteen parts. The brief annotations of the individual parts from 'The Marquise of the Angels' to 'The Victory of Angélique'.

The work Angélique L'Intégrale: The brief annotations of the new edition
Since 2006, there are gradually issued the new and significantly expanded books. The brief annotations of the individual parts from 'The Marquise of the Angels' to 'The Kingdom of the France'. The annotations are added along with the new editions.

The book covers: The worldwide editions of new series Angélique L'Intégrale
Since 2006, there has been initiated worldwide the new, progressive publication of the novel Angélique, the series L'Intégrale. Unfortunately, only a few countries have continued with the new editions. The overview of published book covers of the book series Angélique L'Intégrale.

The book covers: The original editions of Angélique series in the world
The original series of the work Angélique has been started to publish since 1956, and the novel became a bestseller almost overnight. The Angélique books were issued worldwide and achieved the roaring success everywhere, but only some series were published completely. The overviews of book covers of the original Angélique series issued in the most various languages.

Angélique comic book in manga style
The publisher Casterman has been publishing the series of comic books in the manga style since 2015. The authors of this project are Dara, Anne Golon and Olivier Milhaud. The stories of this trilogy take place during the period from Angélique’s childhood up to her marriage with the Count de Peyrac.

The cartoon stories of the little Angélique
Nadia Goloubinoff, daughter of Anne and Serge Golon, recently initiated the creation of cartoon stories of the Angélique. Together with her friends Iva Garo and Régile, they created the illustrated book Angélique Marquise des Anges.

The derivative works based on Angélique
From the very beginning, Angélique was so popular that it attracted the issuance of other works, about which Anne Golon had no clue. Among the interesting works, there belongs the Japanese Mangos (Princess comics Angélique), among those less interesting, there is for example the Czech publication 6x Angelika v jediné knize (6x Angélique in the only book).

Angélique as a fantasy!?
There never been exactly easy to identify the genre of Angélique books and if we are trying to avoid this problem with immediate classification as "historic", "romantic" or "adventure" story, this does not lead to guaranteed success. Maybe there is need to ask which of the types of plots are shown...

Philippe du Plessis-Bellière: The study of the character
The character of Philippe du Plessis-Bellière is extremely fascinating, original and complex but, precisely because of its diversity and contradictory nature, it has often been misunderstood or misinterpreted.