The characters of the book series Angélique

In the book series Angélique by Anne Golon, we can find more than 1350 characters, the hundreds of them are real historical persons which lived not only in the 17th century.

The following database represents a collection of the novel characters in a standardized format. This database contains information about the full name of the person, the duty/office or title, information about the husband/wife, descendants and about the affairs (romances).

The next section summarizes what is said about the person in historical context and what in the books of Anne Golon. Another part contains information about the geographical location where the character occurred and whether this character really appears in the book or was only mentioned. In the information about real historical figures, there is additionally the date of birth, date of death and a portrait.

The database of the book characters is possible to filter according to the following criteria: According to individual books where the characters appears, by the area where the character occurred and whether it is real or fictitional character. Any filter options can be combined with the other properties.

This database is based on the Czech edition (the publisher Československý spisovatel/Český spisovatel) from the years 1991-1996. Because there is universally known that the translations to foreign languages were very shorten (especially the English versions), and many book characters are missing in these editions, there are purposely presented the original name of the books in French in the search result.

We wish all users a lot of fun by searching and thank you all very much in advance for any new information or a supplement. Our database still requires the refilling of portraits, data, information etc.

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