The century of the Sun King, when the Angélique's story takes place, was very long. The graphic timeline shows the main points of Angélique’s life in combination of the historical events during the period of 1625 – 1715, when the first day of the September the king Louis XIV died.

The Place
The Period
The Plot


1625/6 . Joffrey de Peyrac de Morens d'Irristru was born


1637 November/December Angélique de Ridoué de Sancé de Monteloup was born


1638 September, 5th Louis XIV was born


1643 May, 14th Louis XIII passed away


1643 May, 14th The beginning of the reign of Louis XIV

Angélique, The Marquise of the Angels (1645 - 1661)

Chateau Plessis-Bellière

1649 September, 20th Angélique discovers complot to kill the young king, steals the box with poison and hides it


1653 February, 7th Nicolas Fouquet received as reward the office of superintendent of the finances

Québec, Nouvelle-France

. September, 22th Marguerite Bourgeoys's arrival with the governor in the port of Québec City

Ville-Marie, Nouvelle-France

. November, 16th Marguerite Bourgeoys arrives in Ville-Marie (Montrèal City)

Notre-Dame de Reims, Reims

1654 June, 7th The Coronation of Louis XIV at Reims


1656 April Angélique's return to Monteloup; wedding on behalf, D'Andijos as the representative of Joffrey de Peyrac


. Beginning of summer The wedding of Angélique with the Count Joffrey de Peyrac in Toulouse

The Castle in Béarn

1659 May, 3rd Florimond de Peyrac was born


. May The King Louis XIV arrives to Toulouse

The Castle Blois

1660 February, 2nd Gaston de Bourbon, duc d’Orléans passed away


. May Angélique and Joffrey are summoned to the wedding of King Louis XIV


. June, 9th The wedding of King Louis XIV and Marie-Therèse in St-Jean-de-Luz; Joffrey de Peyrac arrested


. June An attempt on Angélique


. August, 26th The triumphant entry into the city of Paris of Their Majesties Louis XIV and his wife Maria Theresa, observed by Athénais, Françoise, Angélique and Hortense

Saint Lazare

. September, 27th Vincent de Paul passed away


1661 January, 20th Joffrey's court case begins

Place de Grève, Paris

. January, 28th The count de Peyrac burned at the stake

Hôpital de l'Hôtel-Dieu, Paris

. January, 28th Cantor de Peyrac was born

Temple, Paris

. February, 2nd Angélique returns from the hospital to Temple


. February Kouassi-Bâ was captured and sent to the King's galleys, Angélique experienced that first in summer


. End of February Angélique walks out of Temple, leaves her children in the house of her sister Hortense and disappears in Paris

Angélique, The Road to Versailles (1661 - 1666)

Court of Miracles

1661 February, 28th Monk Conan Becher was put to the death


. March, 9th The death of cardinal Mazarin; Beginning of the reign of Louis XIV

Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte

. August, 17th Nicolas Fouquet throws the most famous fête (party) ever in France for the king Louis XIV. It was actually a housewarming of Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte

Court of Miracles

. End of August Angélique rescuers her children and found Barbe who now works in an old run-down inn called "Le coq Hardi"

Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte

. September, 5th Fouquet arrested by d'Artagnan, captain of the Musketeers of the Guard

Court of Miracles, Tower of Nesle

. October, 1st Nicolas arrested, Angélique goes to the headquarters of the Grand Coërse, kills him and rescues her children

Quarter Marais, Paris

1663 March, 20th-25th Angélique moves to a new house; an inn is renamed on "The Red Mask"

The Inn of the Red Mask, Paris

1664 October The amusement of noblemen ends with the murder of little boy Linot and a burning out of inn, Angélique loses all again

Place de Grève, Paris

. Autumn Claude le Petit is executed


. Autumn Angélique is thinking about suicide, she meets Desgrez, Angélique is patenting chocolate and making it available to the masses in an settlement with Colbert


. Autumn Angélique begins to sell chocolate to nobility of Paris

Place Royale, Paris

1665 Spring Angélique leads the profitable companies, mainly with chocolate, she lives in a house in The King's Square

Place de Grève, Paris

. June Butcher from the Place de Grève is telling to Angélique about interchanged convict

Paris, Maison de Ninon de Lenclos

. Summer Angélique wins the palace Beautreillis, property of her first husband, in card game with Prince de Condé

Monastery Compagnie, Val-de-Grâce

1666 January, 20th Anne of Austria passed away

Paris, Versailles

. June, 15th The wedding of Angélique and Philippe du Plessis-Bellière


. June, 21st Angélique is coming for the very first time in her life in Versailles

Angélique and the King (1666 - 1670)


1666 August Angélique at royal hunting; accidental meeting with Bernard d´Andijos

Hôtel de Beautreillis

1667 January, 7th Charles-Henri du Plessis-Bellière was born

Paris, Faubourg Saint Honoré

. January, 13th Philippe moves his son Charles-Henri in his house

Paris, Faubourg Saint Honoré

1668 Summer Cantor leaves for the sea

Tabaux - Champ de la Bataille de Lorraine

. Autumn The passed away of Philippe du Plessis-Bellière

Plessis, Poitou

1668/1669 Autumn-autumn Angélique lives on her manor away from the court


1669 December Angélique's mission for Louis XIV to Bakhtiari Bey, the ambassador of the Shah of Persia


1670 February An envoy from Moscow arrived to Versailles; Rákóczy is fleeing


. Beginning of March Bakhtiari Bey visits Versailles, Angélique gets the mumie for her friend Savary

Hôtel de Beautreillis

. March Rákóczy lives in Angélique's house


. April Angélique returns to Versailles


. May At home there is an attempt to kill Angélique by a poisoned nightgown


. June, 29th/30th at night The death of Henriette d´Angleterre d´Orléans


. July The King is telling Angélique Joffrey did not burn

Angélique and the Sultan / Angélique in Barbary (1670 - 1671)


1670 September Angélique coerces Vivonne into taking her in his galley ship


. November Angélique is sold to a masked buccaneer, Rescator on a market of slaves, but immediately she escapes from him


. December Angélique is taken captive by Mezzo-Morte; the first meeting with Osman Feraji

Meknès, Morocco

1671 January-April Angélique lives in the harem of Sultan Mulai Ismail; she flees with the help of Colin Paturel


. April Angélique is arrested by mister de Breteuil; she is returning to France

Angélique in Revolt (1671 - 1676)

Plessis, Poitou

1671 May Angélique returns at home in Plessis; she is guarded by captain Montadour

Plessis, Poitou

. October Florimond is leaving Angélique for to try to find his father Joffrey de Peyrac

Plessis, Poitou

. October Charles-Henri du Plessis-Bellière dies

The forest of Nieul, Poitou

1672 July Honorine is born

Québec, Nouvelle-France

. September, 12th Frontenac arrives in the port of Québec City

Québec, Nouvelle-France

1673 April, 7th Frontenac becomes the Governor General of New France in Quebec

La Rochelle

1676 End of April Angélique meets masked pirate Rescator in La Rochelle; they are sailing away together from France

Angélique in Love (1676)

The Ship Gouldsboro

1676 May-June The voyage across the Atlantic ocean

Gouldsboro, Canada

. Summer The staying in Gouldsboro; the reunion with her sons Florimond and Cantor

Gouldsboro, Canada

. End of October The departure from Gouldsboro into the inland of Maine

The Countess Angélique (1676 - 1677)

Maine, Canada

1676 Autumn The arrival to Katarunk; the four Indian chiefs are killed


. November The arrival to Wapassou; the reunion with Kouassi-Bâ

Mégantic Lake

. December A duel between Joffrey and Pont-Briand who courted Angélique


1677 January The smallpox epidemic


. March The departure of Florimond, together with Frenchmen he is trying to find the way to the Sea of China

The Temptation of Angélique (1677)

Houssnock, Maine

1677 Spring A trip from Wapassou to Gouldsboro; Angélique is meeting with baron de Saint-Castine

Brunschwick Falls, Monegan

1677 Spring English village is attacked by Indians, Angélique becomes captive of Piksarett, chief of the Patsuiketts


. June Angélique meets Colin Paturel, King of the Slaves in Mycenae, her devoted friend, on the beach


. July Colin Paturel becomes the Governor General of Gouldsboro; the ship Unicorn stranded

Angélique and the Demon (1677)


1677 July The departure of Cantor; the Count de Peyrac is saving the situation on the River St-Jean; travel of Kings daughters to Port Royal

Gouldsboro; Port Royal

. Summer The return of Ambroisine; Elisabeth Berne is born; Angélique is traveling to Port Royal


. Autumn The death of Ambroisine; the reunion with Honorine

Cape of Gaspé

. November, 2nd The beginning of a navigation on the Saint Lawrence River to Québec

Angélique and the Ghosts (1677)

St-Lawrence Rivière

1677 November The navigation to Québec


. November There is an attempt to kill the Count de Peyrac, Angélique is shutting down the Count de Varange


. November The meeting with Marguerite Bourgeoys and the reunion with Nicolas de Bardagne as a ambassador of king Louis XIV

Angélique à Québec (1677 - 1678)


1677/1678 Winter The staying in Québec


1678 Summer The return of the titles to Count de Peyrac, the departure of Florimond and Cantor for France

Angélique, la Route de l'Espoir (1679 - 1680)


1678/1679 Winter The staying in Wapassou

Paris, Versailles

1679 April, 7th The beggining of court case of Affair of the Poisons, Louis XIV is founding Chambre Ardente an extraordinary court of justice

Nouvelle Angleterre

. Summer Travel to New England - New York, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland and Salem

Nouvelle Angleterre

. August, 7th Cavelier de la Salle expedition to Great Lakes


. September Raimon-Roger and Gloriandre de Peyrac are born


1679/1680 Winter Jenny Manigault entrusts her son Charles-Henri to Angélique

Place de Grêve, Paris

1680 February, 22nd La Voisin is condemned to death and burned at the stake as a symbol of the Affair of the Poisons

La Victoire d'Angélique (1680 - 1682)


1680 Summer Françoise d'Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon has a huge influence on the King


1680/81 Winter Angélique and Joffrey are spending the winter at the Wapassou with their twins; Angélique cures don Alvarez


1681 Summer Count de Peyrac departs for France with governor Frontenac


. Summer Cantor departs for Canada


Autumn Angélique is staying with her little children in Wapassou all alone


1681/1682 Winter The meeting with Father Sebastian d´Orgeval


1682 Spring The death of Father d´Orgeval, the arrival of Colin Paturel with his crew, the reunion with Cantor and Honorine

1682 - 1715


1682 May, 5th-6th The court was officially established to the Versailles


. July, 21st End of the Affair of the Poison


1683 July, 30th The Queen Maria Theresa of Spain passed away


. Autumn The private Wedding of Louis XIV and Madame de Maintenon


1685 October, 18th Louis XIV renounced the Edict and declared Protestantism illegal


1707 May, 27th The death of Madame de Montespan


1709 July, 13th The King Louis XIV and Madame de Maintenon, they are burning together the documents of Affair of the Poisons


1715 September, 1st Louis XIV passed away early morning