The fashion of the Sun King period

Flowing, sophisticated, decorative and exciting. The clothes, accessories, makeup and hairstyles of the French courtiers were so exceptional that they have become an inspiration throughout Europe very soon.

The fashion, which is continually motivated by the socio-cultural events, by the natural desire for change and by searching for a period ideal of beauty, is an integral part of the art, of which the methods and manifestations are changing during the historical epochs and are typical for it. An expression of a time period and culture of the nation is not only in architecture, music, painting or sculpture, but also in the clothing style including accessories, make up and hairstyles. The clothes also expresses the position of every single man in society. Each period of history is characterized by a different clothing style with the new elements and the clothing lines.

This article also deals with the theme of the period social magazines as the driving forces of fashion, and with the theme of the peculiarities of the then toiletries and hygiene. An another subtheme focuses on the art of love and on a sexuality at the time of the Sun King.

The early baroque period and a birth of fashion of the Sun King
The fashion evolved into a luxury form as early as the time of the reign of Louis XIV's parents (Anne of Austria and Louis XIII) and of his grandparents (Marie de Medici). But only in the unique atmosphere of the Court of Louis XIV, there was the fashion able to reach the dimensions and ostentation which will enchant the whole world.

The charming noblemen of the Royal Court
The duty of the courtiers of Louis XIV, there was not only to hold their office well but also to wear a well-fitted and becoming suit. Marshal or admiral, at certain moments everyone had to transform himself into an adornment of the court celebrations and salons.

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